Mobile Friendly

Our platform uses pure HTML5 so your company can deliver your content to any device. The HTML5 platform is more stable, effiecient and flexible than other platforms on the market.

Online Support

Our platform can provide online support and user assistance to improve communication for you and your customers. This generate relationships that are more productive, meaningful and personal.

Customizable Platform

We customize each platform to fit our customers needs. Our lms platform can be used to create eBooks, training manuals, product brocures and many other uses that fit in your business model.

Exam Engine

We can add our exam engine to your platform for testing purposes. If you are creating learning books or service certification in your organization then you will love our testing modules.

Reporting Engine

Our platform can provide many reports that your company may need. Since our platform will be customized to your platform, we can customiZe the reports to fit the needs of your business.


In todays world authoring conent is desired in multiple languages so our authoring platform can support many languages so that your company can generate books in multiple languages.


About Us


The leader of LMS solutions

Our team consists of leading developers, leading designers and leading engineers that bring todays technology to your companies needs.

Our pursuit for the perfect LMS started over ten years ago when a customer was looking for LMS system to use and create product brochures. We were asked to assist because there were no solutions available to meet modern technology needs. Even today we see many systems that use flash or low end php wordpress platforms, as any IT professional knows, these systems are unreliable, not scalable and do not meet the needs of modern businesses. We have strived in making our solutions a pure HTML solution that is user friendly, mobile friendly and provides the needs that you and your cutomers desire.

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